Industrial Waste

Through comprehensive R&D in waste treatment, Bridgedots provides efficient and cost-effective waste management solutions for industries in India. We develop innovative solutions for waste utilization and hazardous material removal, providing you monetization opportunities.

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Construction Chemicals

Leveraging our rich domain-expertise in construction chemicals, we provide end-to-end R&D services for the development of novel advanced building materials and chemicals, with enhanced functionality and feasibility.

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Water Repellent Coatings

We develop groundbreaking technology for rendering surfaces water repellent. Through extensive research and development, we devise customized and streamlined processes for the development of hydrophobic coatings for unique applications.

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Waste streams generally have various valuable components. Sometimes these components have very high market value. Extraction of such valuable products can create additional revenue stream for the manufacturer.

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Rice Husk Ash to Silica Technology

For a leading biomass power-generation company in India, we developed a novel technology to efficiently extract green silica from rice husk ash. This streamlined waste management processes, and provided our clients multi-fold benefits.

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Product Development Technology

Our expertise in construction material development helped our clientdevelop an enhanced mortar product, with unique properties specific to their requirements. With our services, our client was able to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Water Repellent Coating for Polypropylene (PP) Bags

We developed an innovativetechnology to make polypropylene bags used in sludge dewatering repel water. By meticulous research in hydrophobic coating, we applied water repellent coating on PP bags, which helped our clientreduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Bridgedots is a Technology Research Company offering full spectrum of R&D support for development of novel technologies for product & processes to assist chemical & allied industries. We assist our clients using unique business model where we use expertise of Indian academia.It ensures economically viable solution and reduction in project cost & duration.

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-Mr Deepak Pahwa, MD, Bry Air Pvt. Ltd