Engagement Model

At Bridgedots, our clients are our partners. Our relationships therefore transcend the limitations of business to create lasting value and long-term partnerships.

Since investments in R&D come with associated risks, we offer engagement models that would reduce the risk and deliver assured results. We provide you the complete freedom to select a model that best suits your business objectives and requirements.

The engagement models we offer are:

  • Low Risk Model
  • Risk Sharing Model
Low Risk Model

In this model, we assume the entire risk of the technology development. The client pays a nominal amount at the start of the project, including the setup, consumable and testing costs of the project. Payment for resources and consultancy fee, etc., is made after the successful development of the technology at lab scale.Low Risk Model significantly reduces the risk of R&D investment.

Risk Sharing Model

Risk Sharing Model helps our client achieve significant reduction in the project cost, and distribute the risk. The client pays two third of the project cost during the developmentin phases. The remaining amount is paid after the successful development of the technology.