IPR & Confidentiality

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy

Bridgedots offers flexible policy for intellectual property rights and ownership, arising out of the R&D.We provide three IPR Ownership models for you to choose from:

1. IPR Jointly Owned

The client and Bridgedots share the IP rights. The sharing could be territory-wise, in which the client has exclusive rights in a territory of their choice, and Bridgedots owns the rights in the other territory. We offer complete freedom to our clients to choose a territory that best suits their business objectives.

2. IPR Owned by the Client

In this model, the client completely owns the IP rights.

3. IPR Owned by Bridgedots

The technology is owned by Bridgedots, and is exclusively/non-exclusively licensed to the client for an agreed period.

We are also open to any other IPR model that suits you.


Data confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. We understand the critical nature of the information provided by our clients, and follow stringent security measures to ensure high-level security of client information.

We also sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with our clients before the initiation of the project, and handle confidential information with utmost care.