Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions / Term of Use :
  • I. The consulting agreement known as Proposal will be signed by both the parties before the start of the project.
  • II. Members Involved for Project, on behalf of Bridgedots can be directly contacted in business hours for any query.
  • III. A Fortnight report covering the developments from Bridgedots side will be sent by Bridgedotsevery two weeks. Clients can get in touch with members involved from Bridgedots’ side in business time via email or on phone.

2. Shipping Policies :
Since our core business is in the field of services and not goods, we do not have any shipping policies.

3. Pricing Policy :
We will request you to send payment in four instalments:
  • Instalment -1: Start of Project- 15% of the Project Cost
  • Instalment -2: Submission of Prior Art Report- 20% of the Project Cost
  • Instalment -3: First samples reaches the client.- 40% of the Project Cost.
  • Instalment -4: End of Project- 25% of the Project Cost
Note: This can change as per the decided proposal.

4. Refunds and Cancellations :
Since the amount taken is for export of services so we do not provide refunds to our clients.