Product Development Road Map

Our General Project Road map for Formulations
1. First stage :

First stage will be Prior Art. When we will submit a report on possible formulations. And we will share – the reason for selection of ingredients. Time Required – 2 to 4 weeks.

2. Second stage :

We will procure ingredients – after your approval, and start formulating in our lab.

3. Third Stage : Lab Development

Once all Raw materials have been procured and lab setup has been comissioned, formulations starts in the lab.

Based on stability and initial tests, we ship the samples to clients, for feedbacks. On the basis of Client’s feedback, we modify and fine tune the formulation.

4. Fourth stage:

Final formulation sharing and end of the project.

Payment methodology:

We will request you to send payment in four installments.

  • Installment -1: Start of Project
  • Installment -2: Submission of Prior Art Report
  • Installment -3: First samples reaches the client.
  • Installment -4: End of Project