Case Study – Product Development Technology


Our client is a construction company, based in Europe.

The Need

Our client approached us with the aim to create a self-curing/hardening polymeric mortar product with special properties. Products with similar properties were available in the market, andour client wished to develop a product that was more advanced compared to its competitors.


The biggest hurdle to overcome was the cutthroat competition in the market. With innovative technology becoming increasingly ubiquitous, granting competitors the access to create similar products, on-time delivery became of prime importance. Our product had to be the perfect blend of functionality, commercial viability and top-notch quality.

Bridgedots Solution

Bridgedots conducted a comprehensive prior art study to analyze the existing products in the market. We employed advanced material development techniques to study the products’ raw material and process applied to create the product.

On finalizing the construction material and technological processes, we prepared a budget that ensured that the product was not only feasible but also matched the pre-defined costs approved by the client.

With in-depth research on construction chemicals, we determined various components that enhanced the characteristics and properties of the product to make it the best amongst its peers. We created a sample product at our lab, and conducted tested them. After iterations and optimization, we delivered the sample. Our clientconducted testing at his end, and found that the product met their requirements.

Once approved, we shared the costs and manufacturing processes with our clients.


Our technology is commercialized and the product is now available in the European market.