Case Study – Rice Husk Ash to Silica Technology

The Need

More than 1 million tons of rice husk ash is generated in India. Disposing such huge quantity creates issues, mainly due to low commercial interest. Rice husk ash has low density that makes it troublesome to transport and dumping of the same can pose grave environmental threats, including damage to land and surrounding areas.


Rice husk ash contains heavy amounts of silica, which has benefits spread across various sectors. To ensure effective rice husk utilization through efficient silica extraction, in-depth research is required. Once accomplished, the extracted silica has the potential to be an additional source of revenue for our client.

Bridgedots Solution

Our team developed a process to extract advance grade of green silica form rice-husk ash. After conducting detailed prior art study and analysis of the samples provided, we developed a unique Rice Husk Utilization Technology. This ensured commercial viability and reduced the possibility of IP conflicts.

Our Rice Husk to Silica Technology helped extract highly dispersible silica, which can be utilized in the tire industry as fillers. This reduces the rolling resistance of tires, and results in 5% reduction in fuel consumption of vehicles and reduction in emission of green house gases.


This technology for silica extraction has been successfully employed at pilot stage. Currently, commercialization of the technology is under process.