Case Study – Water Repellent Coating for Polypropylene (PP) Bags


Our client is an Asian Company that sells Industrial Waste Treatment equipment.

The Need

Our client utilizes polypropylene-coated bags for sludge dewatering. These bags have a unique feature that allows one-way flow of water, and repelling water from coming from outside. The client was procuring such bags from Europe and approached Bridgedots to develop a water repellent(hydrophobic) coating that could be applied on polypropylene bags in Asia.


To study the feasibility of the product, Bridgedots procured all type of polypropylene bags available in the regional market. We employed skilled resources that conducted a comprehensive literature survey, prior art, and patent study to identify the processes and materials required to develop waterrepellent coating.

Bridgedots Solution

Bridgedots conducted detailed research on hydrophobic coating and identified the probable issuesin application of coating on the bags. We then calculated the costs incurred in the development and application of hydrophobic coating at the industrial level. Based on our research and calculations, we developed the product at lab scale. Currently, the product is in the testing stage.


Once our product is implemented, client’s cost of purchasing such bags will reduce by 75%.