Car Care Products

1. Car Coating (Nov 2016- Till Date)
Industry – Car Coatings, Metal Coatings, Stones.
A room temperature curing Clear Coat for Car Surface for protection from Scratches Thickness – 1 -2 micron Properties:
  • Hydrophobic contact angle 120 degree
  • Resistance to scratches, if possible around 9H pencil hardness if possible.
  • Resistance to alkaline and acid
  • Normal air curing at room temperature
  • Low VOC, non flammable and REACH compliant
  • Resistance to lime scale deposit and etching
  • Increased gloss level and darkening of base colour.
  • Can be coated using a sponge
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Commercialization – Yes. Check samples of IGL Coatings Malaysia
2. Biodegradable Peelable Protective Coating Development For Automotive Industry
A biodegradable protective wrap coating to be used on the automobile for protection during transportation with the following properties:
  • Bio degradable
  • 300+ microns thick
  • Air dried within 30-40 min
  • One component application
  • Applied through automotive paint gun
  • Leaves no glue residue once peeled
  • Water based formula (non solvent)
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Commercialization: Under Evaluation