Home Care

1. Crystallizer For Stones

An acidic water based product which is used to maintain the gloss and shine of limestone floors, marbles, glaze tiles and granite. It releases a coating that protects the surface from watermarks, stains and dirt which makes the stone surfaces, highly durable.

  • It is a spray-crystallizer for the maintenance of calcareous stone floors.
  • It is used with a steel wool pad and a single disc machine the product provides a high gloss on marble and other calcareous stones without building a film on top.
  • It hardens the surface and protects it from scratches and scrapes, giving a durable gloss and restoring the beauty of the material.
  • It is a water based emulsion of micro-crystal compounds and waxes.


  • Restores natural look of the stone
  • Intensifies natural color
  • Protects from scratches and scrapes
  • Fills micro pores
  • Surface enhancement
IP Rights – Not with Bridgedots.
Commercialized – Yes.
2. Hard Surface Cleaners

It is a general purpose hard surface alkaline cleaner and sanitizer. It is ideal for the quick and effective cleaning of shiny floor surfaces like polished marble, granite, tiles, etc. It leaves surface stains and streak free.

Product benefits:

  • Leaves surfaces hygienically clean
  • Regular use hinders lime scale build- up
  • Leaves surface stains & streak free Pleasant fragrance
  • COVERAGE – 150-200 sq. ft. per ltr, undiluted
3. Cement Cleaner

XC2 is used for the easy cleaning and removal of lime and cement films, inorganic soiling and flash rust, also in connection with oily and greasy dirt. Appropriate for the cleaning of acid- resistant substrates.

Product benefits:

  • Inorganic Acids based Cleaning Agent
  • Free of Hydrochloric Acid No Corrosive Vapors
  • Low Order
  • Excellent Cleaning Properties
4. Epoxy Film Remover

It is an epoxy cleaner used to remove traces of epoxy grout EG150 from tile, concrete, stone surfaces, ceramic and glass mosaic surface. The main purpose is to facilitate the removal of spray residues after the final wash with water. It can also be used to remove any light surface haze that may remain once the grout has dried the next day. In addition, Epoxy Grout Film Remover will remove a variety of epoxies, acrylic, gum finish, shellac, varnish and lacquer.

Product benefits:

  • Removes residues, stains & marks of Epoxy Grout
  • No toxic fumes
  • Water base formulation
  • Does not damage substrate
  • Excellent cleaning properties
5. Epoxy Product Remover

A powerful solvent based cleaner specifically designed for quick and effective removal of cured epoxy residues such as epoxy grout residues from tiles.

Product benefits:

  • Solvent Based Epoxy Stain Remover
  • Removes Cured Epoxy
  • Easy to Apply
  • Quick and Effective
6. Toiler Cleaner

An effective toilet cleaner specially formulated to remove lime-scale deposits and stubborn stains. It leaves toilet bowls and urinals sparkling clean.

7. Bathroom Cleaner

A fully formulated cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom. It is specifically formulated for hard water conditions. Its regular usage prevents scale deposition on walls & fittings.