A membrane may be defined as ‘an interface between two phases, controlling the transport of materials between the phases. It is a selective barrier, allowing the passage of only certain components based on size, solubility and/or diffusion.

Polymeric films and sheets can act as semipermeable membranes between two different mediums. Porous polymeric membranes come with different pore sizes, retaining particles larger than the pore size by surface capture, while non-porous polymeric membranes employ the principles of solubility and diffusivity of the materials.

Bridgedots has rich expertise in development of semipermeable membranes. We employ bespoke R&D practices to develop innovative membrane solutions for application in a diverse range of sectors, such as industrial and municipal water and wastewater, food and life sciences and industrial processes.

We develop membranes for:

  • Gas Phase Separation
  • Liquid Phase Separation