Other Products

1. PCM – Phase Change Materials – 2014
89°C PCM Material
Industry – Phase Changing Material, Energy Storage, PCM

Bridgedots have developed phase change material for 89 C. It is an inorganic chemical based PCM freezing temperature. of 88 C. It stores thermal energy as latent heat in its crystalline form. On changing phase this latent heat is released or absorbed, allowing the ambient temperature within the system to be maintained. The product is constituted of the right mix of various salts, additives and nucleating agents allowing equilibrium between solid and liquid phases to be attained at the melting point. While melting, it continues to absorb heat from the environment without further increase in temperature, maintaining the system temperature.

Bridgedots can develop similar materials for different temperatures.
IP Rights – With Bridgedots
Commercialization – No.
Ready for testing.
2. Thermal Coating for Industrial Application
Thermal Insulating Coating – Suitable for up to 400°C. (2014-2015)
Industry – Construction, Paint Industry
  • The coating can withstand temperature up to 400°C.
  • Highly Abrasive resistant.
  • Can be used on metals like Aluminium, Iron, and etc.
  • Can be formulated to suit different surfaces and colors.
IP Rights – With Bridgedots
Commercialization – No.
Ready for testing.
3. Food
• Pan Spray Product – 2017
Industry – FMCG, Cooking.

Cooking spray is applied to frying pans and other cookware to prevent food from sticking. It helps in removing or pouring sticky substance like Honey, Cakes and etc. from one vessel to another. Generally oils, butters and etc. are used on cookware. As compared to these oils, Pan Spray is used in thinner layer and hence requires lesser amount per serving. It also provides lesser calories in eatables being cooked. It also prevents tomato-based sauces from discolouring plastic containers and makes the job of cleaning a cheese grater a breeze. Bridgedots prepared the formulation for the product based on safe preservatives and Natural food grade oils.

Specs :

  • All Natural and fat free.
  • Naturally Cholesterol Free.
IP Rights – Shared With Client.
Ready for Commercialization – Yes.
• Lacquer Glue – 2016-2017
Industry – FMCG, Adhesive, Transportation, Tool Industry.

Based on the product Torque Seal, Bridgedots has developed a product which is a Tamper Proof Indicator. This product provides an visual Indicator mark for any tempering or vibratory loosening occurs at joint or contact points. Product is safe and adhesive for most of the surfaces including Composites Surface, Metals, Plastics, Stones, concrete and etc.

Specs :

  • Touch Dry – 30-40 mins.
  • Curing : 80% in first 48 hours. (At Temp -25 ‘C)
  • Complete Curing – 7-10 Days.
  • Provides Temper Proof Mark
  • Provides adhesion and Safe for most surfaces
  • Colors – As per requirement.
IP Rights – With Bridgedots.
Commercialization – No.
• Book/Wrapper Cover – 2017.
Industry – Books, Stationary.

In school days, one uses different PET/PE sheets to cover the books for its protection. However, all such products have time consuming process which also includes stapling or pasting via adhesives. Bridgedots has developed an adhesive which can be used on substrate based on Heat shrink Products which makes the overall product – removable and repositionable. The adhesive has following properties :

  • Optically clear.
  • Removable or repositionable..
  • Thickness 3-6 mil (3 appears to be to light and 6 too heavy).
  • The liner and cover should be recyclable..
  • Shrinkable with a household dryer or low heat iron.

The substrate selected is Biodegradable and heat shrinkable.

Application Areas :

  • Book Manufacturing
  • Stationary Product
IP Rights – Shared With Client.
Commercialization – No.
Being Evaluated.
• Water Soluble Peelable Strip (2018)
Industry : FMCG/ Adhesives

A water soluble peelable adhesive strip to be used for house application with the following properties:

  • The two sided adhesive strip will be a thin double sided film that can be easily removable.
  • Non reusable.
  • Transparent like Scotch Tape.
  • To hold light materials for short durations like papers or notes.
  • Slides right off when wiped with a paper towel.
  • Have a mint fragrance.
  • With A Light blue or green tint.
IP Rights –With Bridgedots.
Status – Developed.
5. Road Repair
• Roadside Paint Removal Product 2018-2019
Industry – Road Maintenance.

Roadsides are marked with Road side paint to assist in driving. However, over a period of time they need to be removed which is generally done by hazardous and environmentally non safe products which runs off and causes havoc. The product developed by us can be sprayed on to the road side paint, it dries/evaporates and cause the paint to become brittle and cracked enough to be swept off the concrete or asphalt pavement by rough broom or sweeper truck.


    For removal of a long life thermoplastic paint removal, generally placed on concrete or asphalt bitumen.

  • Examples of Thermoplastic Paints which can be removed – Ennis Bulk Thermoplastic Range and DPI Hot Melt Thermoplastic STL


  • Minimal impact on the applied concrete/asphalt surface
  • Safe use and the environment. Non toxic for safe application with non hazardous runoff.
IP Rights –With Client.
Commercialization – Under Process.
6. Sports Industry
• Energy Absorbing PU formulation based on STM(2018)
Industry : Protective Gears/ Sports

Bridgedots helped a client for Energy Absorbing PU formulation based on A shear thickening material which is developed using PU chemistry having following properties:

  • Can be manufactured by injection mold and thermomold if possible in a variety of shore D hardness. (Shore D 25-45)
  • Have High Compression set resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Works on Energy absorption concept.

Application – Protective Gears in Sports.

Example – Deflexion and other similar products.

IP Rights – Shared With Client.
Status – Prior Art Completed. Being commercialized by Client.
7. Leather Industry
• Color Changing Coating for Leather – 2016-2017.
Industry – Leather Industry, Shoe Industry, Hand Bags Industry

Bridgedots has developed a Coating for Leather shoe which makes the Shoe change color with respect to change in Temperature. Once the shoe is coated , the color of shoe will change from one color to another based on change in temperature which can be brought by either –

Rubbing of Shoe with Cloth

Change in environment temperature – Going from Indoors to Outdoor.

Dipping in Hot or Cold Water and etc.

Link : Video Link

Specs :

  • Coating Gives a Patent leather Look
  • Color Can be customer and changed based on requirement.
  • Coating is Water and Scratch Resistant.
  • Coating doesn’t cracks on Bending and stretching.
IP Rights – With Client.
Commercialization – Under Process.
• Reusable Shoe Putty – 2017.
Industry – Leather Industry, Shoe Industry, Personal Care, Toy Industry.

Buying footwear that fits ideally is a difficult task. Moreover, sometimes footwear also does not provide desirable wearability. For example, the best size available footwear may be slightly larger in size to a wearer’s foot, thereby causing discomfort to the wearer. Also the footwear may have locations causing discomfort or friction to a user’s foot. Bridgedots has developed a product which is positionable within footwear to alleviate these undesirable attributes, thereby ultimately improving wearability of the footwear.

Product has following properties –

  • Mouldable, pliable putty
  • Cures enough to maintain shape and sturdiness, however, is reusable
  • Non-toxic, non-staining ingredients
  • Withstand body temperature range between 98-105 ®F
  • A long shelf-life.

Link : Video Link

IP Rights – With Client.
Commercialization – Yes
• Coatings for Textiles (2013)
Water Repellent Coating –

These coatings sticks do not make the film over fabric but on the yarns/fibers of the fabric hence they are not water proof but water repellent fabric which allows moisture to pass through but does not get wet.

These coatings are made up of propriety ingredients formulated in a solution for best results which has properties including –

  • Contact Angle > 100°
  • High Resistance to abrasion
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Head Testing- IS 811 >8m Bar
  • Water Permeability Testing- DIN EN 11058 <28 l/(m2S)

Suitable Material :

  • Cotton Fabric
  • PP Non Woven Fabrics
IP Rights – With Bridgedots
Commercialization – Not yet.
• Water Proof Coatings – 2014

These coatings make the film over fabric and hence they block the pores of fabric and does not allow water or water vapor to pass through. They are water proof but not necessarily be water repellent fabric as it can get wet. Final properties depends on requirement and coatings can be modified to suit the application.

These coatings are made up of binders and fillers suitable for application. Binders can be a polymeric solution like PVDF, PES, PS, Acrylate, with fillers like Silica, aluminosilicates and etc.

  • High Resistance to abrasion
  • Gloss as per requirement

Suitable Material :

  • Cotton Fabric
  • PP Non Woven Fabrics
  • Polyester fabric
Material of Coating – Silicones, PVDF, PU, Silicon modified acrylates and etc.
IP Rights – With Bridgedots
Commercialization – Not Done. Ready for testing.
9. Marine
• Exhaust Emulsifying Solution – 2017.
Industry – Marine Industry

Bridgedots has developed a product to emulsify marine diesel exhaust. The application is the product that runs through a dosing pump that is integral to the exhaust systems whose purpose is to emulsify the by products from a marine diesel generator.

Specs :

  • pH – 11.0 – 11.3
  • Proficient in emulsifying diesel particulate matter and diesel fuel blow.
  • Able to retain its emulsifying properties when mixed with sea water in a water drop muffler
  • Able to withstand long storage with temperatures as high as 100 degrees F.
  • All ingredients meets the Direct Release Criteria stated by Safer Choice Standard and Criteria | Safer Choice | US EPA
IP Rights – With Client.
Commercialization – Yes.
10. Veterinary
• Hoof Support Material/ 2 Component Silicone Product – 2017
Industry – Veterinary Industry, Dental Industry, Construction Industry.

Healthy Hooves of Horse is an essential requirement. Hoof Support Impression Material provides a long lasting and resilient sole and frog support, and aids in treating laminitis or dropped foot. Bridgedots developed a 2 component Silicone product on the lines of Equinox Product. The products has following properties -

  • A 2 part Silicone putty that will cure in 6-8 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has safe chemicals (i.e. no strong acids, ether etc.)
  • Product is safe to handle by hand without any additional safety equipment i.e. is skin safe.

The application of this product is found in many industry including :

  • Construction Chemicals
  • Dental Industry
IP Rights – Shared With Client.
Commercialization – Yes.