Process Development

Industrial Waste

Waste management is a prevalent concern for industrial manufacturers. Effective waste treatment technology is not only mandatory, but also expensive.

Bridgedots has a specialized R&D team, which works on developing pragmatic technology solutions for waste treatment for industries in India and abroad. We not only help you in removal of hazards from waste, but also in waste utilization.

We develop waste treatment technology for:

  • Extraction of valuable components from the waste
  • Removal of hazardous material from the waste
Extraction of Valuable Components

Typically, industrial waste streams have various valuable components, which have high market value. Effective extraction of such products creates an additional revenue stream for the manufacturer.

At Bridgedots, we perform in-depth research on the waste generated by your plant, to determine innovative waste treatment and utilization methods.We develop commercially viable technology and processes for the extraction of valuable components from the industrial waste.

We provide end-to-end waste management technology solutions, including Identification, R&D, Process Design and Plant Commissioning:

  • Identification of valuable components in the solid waste stream
  • Identification of hazardous components in the waste stream
  • Design of economic and scalable processes for effective extraction of valuable materials as well as removal of hazardous material
  • Process optimization for reduction in waste generation
  • Plant commissioning and testing
Removal of Hazardous Material from Waste

Manufacturing units generate large volumes of effluents, which include toxic and hazardous components. When left untreated and unattended, industrial effluents pose a huge threat on the environment, including soil health deterioration, water table contamination, and other potential health hazards. It is therefore of crucial importance to remove hazardous components from the waste, and to ensure environmental impact adheres to acceptable limits and norms.

Bridgedots develops customized technology solutions for waste treatment and management. We help you:

  • Effectively treat waste and effluents
  • Remove hazardous waste
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Comply with the environmental regulations
Wastewater Treatment

Industrial effluent contains various contaminants such as feedstock materials, byproducts, product residues, washing/cleaning agents, solvents, and other functional products like plasticizers.

At Bridgedots, we help you comply with industry regulations and environmental specifications of waste water management. We develop innovative solutions for:

  • Capacity Increment
  • Technology Upgrade
  • ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) Health Checkup
  • Recovery of Useful Materials from Sludge/Waste

We collaborate with expert professors & consultants in the field of wastewater treatment with relevant industry expertise to provide you cutting-edge, sustainable and comprehensive wastewater treatment solution.

Our team not only provides a detailed ETP health checkup through design and operational evaluations, but also provides suggestions on critical issues that are cost- and time-efficient, such as:

  • Methods to reduce sludge formation (e.g., by using bacterial formulation)
  • Recycling treated water to reduce overall consumption
  • Recycling treated water to reduce overall consumption

This technology has been licensed to Brisil Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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