Technology Development

Bridgedots provides you end-to-end technology development services. We develop technology for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Developing a novel process to fulfill your technical needs
  • Improving existing processes
  • Developing a novel product with unique properties
  • Enhancing the propertiesof existing product
  • Developing similar/better product already available in market

Our scientific expertise and access to the leading academia of the country enables us to develop pragmatic technology-based solutions for complex technical problems. Our research focus includes Industrial Waste, Water & Waste Water Treatement, Membranes, Construction Chemicals, Water Repellent Coatings.

Our Approach

We follow a systematic approach for the research and development of technology. Our approach involves the following steps:

  • Prior Art Study& Process Identification

    Prior art is an exhaustive study conducted to learn the complete details about different technologies and methods used for similar purposes. It is a comprehensive technology watch that provides details such as existing technologies, latest publications, and research progress in the field.

    We use research papers, patents, journals, scholarly articles, etc., to identify the various methods to develop the required technology.Through meticulous prior art study, we verify whether the desired technology already exists, identify various processes to develop the desired technology, while laying the foundation for further R&D.

  • Cost & Feasibility Analysis

    After the process for technology development is identified, cost and feasibility analysis is performed, taking into factors such as availability of raw material, transportation costs of the raw material, labor wages, etc. A commercially viable and feasible process is then finalized for further R&D.

  • Client Discussion Session

    We then share the findings with you. Based on your comments and views, further research work is carried out.

  • Technology Development & Testing

    When the final process has been identified and approved, we initiate the technology development at lab scale. Post development, a pilot-scale testing is performed if required.

  • Technology Sharing

    After successful development and testing, we share the technology with you, in an IPR sharing model of your choice.

The Bridgedots Advantage
  • Extensive network of research & technology experts
  • Expertise across diverse industries
  • Unique methodology
  • Cost-effective and efficient R&D
  • Risk reduction