Industrial Waste

Silica from Rice Husk Ash

Rice husk is employed widely in rice mills and rice husk based power plants in India for generating electricity.This process produces rice husk ash, which is typically considered as waste.

At Bridgedots, we have developed an economically viable technology for effective waste utilization by extracting silica from rice husk ash. Silica is an industrially valuable material, and finds applications in a variety of sectors. Extraction of silica from rice husk ash will not only monetize it and provide an additional revenue stream for manufacturers.

Our technology helps our clients utilize rice husk ash, by extracting green silica, one of the most advanced forms of silica. It is used in the tire industry as filler to reduce the rolling resistance of tires. This results in a 5-7% reduction in fuel consumption of vehicles and an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

We have successfully developed the extraction technology for green silica from rice husk, and are in the process of commercializing it.

This technology has been licensed to Brisil Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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